Creative workshops are back!

Creative workshops are back!

It was great to be back running workshops after lockdown at Unit6, Barnstaple

Our popular ocean recycling workshop led on from a beach clean on Saunton Beach with a group of Outdoor Swimmers. Sarah and Jane then cleaned through all the waste to recycle cans, bottles keeping back interesting items, plastics, nets and rope. So rather than heading to landfill, sarah created boxes of found material which were then used in the two workshops,

Beach cleaners could then chose items that they could then incorporate into useful and/or decorative items with the found materials. 

This is a selection of what are crafters made in just a couple of hours. It was great to be able to meet in person and talk with each other, something we had missed since lockdown, and seeing Unit6 hosting the event in a Covid Safe environment gave off a feeling of energy and hope for the future. 





Enea Emiliani Screaming
Enea Emiliani painting
Creative spaces

Creative spaces

As a Community creative space based in Barnstaple, North Devon, we have creative spaces available for hire. As well as exhibition space, you can book a desk for a long term project or have a weekly booking.  Working in a space with other creatives, gives you chance to bounce ideas and collaborate and feel a creative vibe.

Unit6 exhibition space

The team at Unit6 helped understand my exhibition requirements and helped with curation and hosting. Having this team support was so important to making the exhibition a success. 

Shena Ruth Photography

Portrait, Event and Wedding Photographer

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