Washhouse Studio

7 years ago, Kevin and Sarah restored a hitherto roofless derelict village ex-wash house in Westleigh, as somewhere to work, and thus Washhouse Studio was born.

Both of them are fanatical about repurposing, reusing and recycling. They are very well known locally to take in other peoples unwanted items and giving them a new purpose. They are registered with keep Britain Tidy’s Beach Care to organise local beach cleans where they collect sea debris and that also gives them many treasures to model into things of beauty.

The Washhouse Studio hosts a weekly art club and Sarah provides art and craft workshops collaborating with various agencies, including the Plough Theatre, Clovelly Village, Groovee Deals and the La Di Dah Pottery. Sarah continues to show her versatility as an artist as these workshops have been based on subjects as varied as willow or apple sculpting, making baskets from rope salvaged from beach cleans, even making a Dr Dolittle ‘Pushmi-pullyu’ at an event in Tapeley Gardens. Washhouse has moved into new larger premises in Barnstaple at Unit 6, Mill Road and will be continuing and expanding workshops for both adults and children throughout the year.

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