Kevin Farrell-Roberts

Following his retirement from a 40+ year career in social work and counselling, Kevin now whiles away the hours reforming and re purposing items he endeavours to save from their hitherto probable environmentally harmful destiny in land fill, the scrap heap or as fly tip debris.

Using the woodwork and engineering skills honed over the 20 years he worked to keep Darthula, his much loved 30’ft wooden yacht, afloat he now fashions exquisite and unique items that often incorporate the now almost unattainable Burmese teak that he salvaged from Darthula when she was sadly eventually broken up.

Kevin’s creations to date include 10 ft long wood and rope tables and benches, bespoke tables to fit round trees, children’s character tables and chairs, lights made from old industrial fittings as well as bird feeders and baths made from redundant garden implements. Kevin delights in going to his workshop with no idea what he will be making that day until he sorts through his hoarded and rescued stock to find something in there that inspires him.

Kevin Farrell-Roberts

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